About GenEd

[[dʒ(ə)n] [‘ed]]

The new-age Indonesian based social enterprise with an EdTech solution for school transformation and teacher empowerment.


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Synonyms: Generation Education

Comparables: GenZ, GenX, GenY

At GenEd, we believe that teachers must be placed in the center of the solution to solving Indonesia’s education crisis.

Our Why

We believe that innovative and critical teachers are key to raising critical, creative, and innovative generation of students ready to strive in the 4th industrial revolution. It began with the questions:

Our Vision & Mission


At GenEd, our vision is to transform schools into innovative learning environments, and educators as innovation leaders equipped to raise the next generation of future change-makers.


At GenEd, our mission is to shape schools of the future and empower Indonesian educators to sustainably innovate their lessons with practical tools, collaborative network, and a 21st-century focus - so they can ensure students thrive in the 4th industrial revolution and beyond.

Our People

Are you striving to create real change in classrooms across Indonesia?

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Anggaris Anggia Cininta

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Finance Officer

Chief Academics Officer

Kalvin Sandabunga
Academics Advisor

Alexandra Silitonga
Academics Advisor

Jaspal Sidhu
Business Advisor

Jonathan Chu
Business Advisor